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VirtualAgility WorkCenter™

WorkCenter brings together disparate technologies into an integrated,
Web 2.0 SOA platform

Unique approach The WorkCenter system includes easy-to-use tools and wizards to build user-defined applications and generate summary reports for specific localized needs. VirtualAgility’s patented software links to, launches, or loads into a shared “decision universe” all the key resources needed by each user, group and organization.

The system allows repurposing the same information in various structured views, i.e., projects, organizations, operations and tasks, geo-located assets or events. Information managed in one place can be accessed through multiple user-defined views.

Abstract layer  VirtualAgility is the user-facing, abstract layer between the database and the sophisticated technologies on which it operates. Powerful UI tools enable non-technical users to build sophisticatedly simple, database-driven applications with no programing or coding required.

VirtualAgility SmartLinks™   Indispensable integration tools called VirtualAgility SmartLinks within WorkCenter enable end-users to query and interact with data dynamically from remote and/or incompatible databases and Web services, and then combine them with local information in a comprehensive and customizable graphical displays and reports. Data is maintained at the source, and dynamic SmartLinks keep the data fresh and updated automatically.

Data integration  Using its innovative VirtualAgility SmartLinks™ tool, and web service application, the WorkCenter can exchange data with disparate systems via REST or SOAP web services, RSS feeds or direct JDBC connections. WorkCenter can utilize CSV, XML, KMZ, XLT, and CSS formats. It can import, export, integrate, combine and visualize data from multiple formats into a variety of forms, charts and reports.

Multi-tier access  VirtualAgility integrates user administration and access permissions with other directories using LDAP. Simple, intuitive directory tools simplify management of complex directories for users and group administration. Permissions to reports, forms, operational activities, or other objects are easily modifiable by authorized users.

WorkCenter can be quickly installed and easily integrated into nearly any solution set. Then it’s ready for use by pros and non-pros alike with its intuitive interface, easy-to-use application building tools, and standard platform that can support multiple discrete groups in their own “decision universe” workspaces.  

Lowers overhead  The costs of implementation and deployment are astoundingly low with WorkCenter. Easy-to-use Rapid Application Development 2.0 features and tools eliminate the need for lengthy training, and put the power of creating applications into the hands of a broad spectrum of skill levels to meet business goals: 

IT can quickly and incrementally build device-independent business apps for their internal clients, and deploy them in hours or days vs. weeks or months. The apps are all built on a secure, scalable platform.

Open architecture   The J2EE compliant system runs in the cloud or on-site using industry standard, OS (Linux and Microsoft), VMware, Web application servers (JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere) and data bases (DB2, Oracle 11g, MySQL).

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