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board of directors and advisors

Stuart E. Rudolph, President and CEO, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Rudolph is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. As president and CEO of VirtualAgility Inc, he works with government agencies and private enterprises in the U.S. and abroad on issues involving public safety, crisis management and business resiliency and continuity.

Stuart holds several patents and has other patents pending on net-centric and rapid application development (RAD) software methodologies for structuring "user optimized" collaborative environments. VirtualAgility's RAD solutions enable agile information sharing, data integration and visualization that fosters organizational interoperability, informed decision-making and IT productivity.

Mr. Rudolph's career has revolved around leading teams in the creation and marketing of out-ahead of the curve solutions to enterprise-wide challenges. In his career Stuart has helped launch the first Commercial Digital Cameras and CCD technology for color imaging that we use every day in our desktop printers. And now he's leading VirtualAgility to enable a browser-based interoperability that delivers on the promise that will soon become a standard computing mode. Mr. Rudolph has received many awards and distinctions for practical innovation, product excellence and entrepreneurship.General

Michael P. C. Carns (USAF, Ret.) Director

General Carns was formerly Vice Chief of Staff of the US Air Force. A thought leader, he has written extensively on the role of military force, the need to improve military acquisition processes and the benefits of privatizing military logistics and support functions. As a frequent consultant on military, technical and financial issues, he maintains extensive contracts throughout the U.S. government and with foreign business, academic and governmental leaders in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. General Carns will advise VirtualAgility on the military's rapidly evolving use of information technology, strategic systems procurement.

Ronald V. Coughlin, Director

Mr. Coughlin, formerly a partner at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Diamond Technology Partners, lends VirtualAgility his extensive expertise in business management, executive and organizational development, and corporate expansion strategies and implementation. Ron serves a key role in guiding VirtualAgility's growth and expansion pathways.

John H. Morton, Director

Mr. Morton retired as a senior partner at Hale and Dorr, LLC, where he worked with high-ranking government officials in the US, China, and Eastern European countries to design and implement legal, business and economic structures necessary to achieve democratization, privatization and economic stabilization. He has founded and held leadership roles in multiple high tech encryption, optical, plastics and chemical enterprises, and lends his broad business perspective to VirtualAgility's expansion in government and commercial markets.

Jeffrey J. Ronaldi, Director 

Mr. Ronaldi has 25 years of experience in driving revenues, market growth, and profitability for start-up and high-growth companies. He currently serves as CEO of DSS (NYSE listed company), and is responsible for defining overall strategy for the company and managing the company's various patent portfolios.  In prior positions he has  guided patent investment funds; been responsible for identifying, purchasing, and managing technology companies around the world; and developing industry-leading products through successful  IPO’s.  Mr. Ronaldi lends VirtualAgility his considerable expertise in growing and managing small companies and defending patent portfolios.

Charles O. Staples, Director

Mr. Staples retired as President of Mettler-Toledo Thornton, Inc., a business unit of Mettler-Toledo Inc., a major instrumentation company. Prior to growing Thornton Inc. by a factor of five and working with an M&A firm to sell the company to Mettler, Mr. Staples was involved in a number of successful start up companies in the computer software and services area in positions from CFO to President and General Manager. He contributes his expertise in nurturing small companies, building successful teams and developing financing strategies that have supported a number of early-stage, software/technology-based companies on whose Boards he has served.

John A. Gordon (USAF, Ret.), Advisor

General Gordon served in the White House as the President's Homeland Security Advisor from June 2003 until June 2004 and as the Deputy National Security Advisor for Counter Terrorism and the National Director for Counter Terrorism from June 2002 to June 2003. Prior to joining the White House team, General Gordon was the first administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration and Undersecretary of Energy, and as an Air Force four-star general, he was the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence from October 1997 until June 2000. General Gordon lends VirtualAgility his broad focus on research and development, strategic planning, inter-governmental operations, and international negotiations.

James G. McDonough, Advisor

Mr. McDonough was co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer of E Team Inc., the premier provider of web-based applications in emergency management marketplace. Prior to founding E Team he served as a VP and General Manager at Perceptronics Inc. He also brings 20 years as a US Marine Corps officer to his current consulting with Defense Department and other government contracting markets, and advising the company on strategies for serving the unique challenges of government markets.

Kenneth R. Piernick, Advisor

Prior to retiring from an FBI career spanning 22 years, Mr. Piernick filled multiple roles in FBI domestic and international terrorism, counterespionage, criminal investigations, crisis management and interagency task force operations. Piernick was responsible for briefing senior members of the U.S. intelligence community on national security matters, such as homeland security, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, narcotics trafficking and violent street gangs. He is admitted to the Florida and North Carolina Bars. Piernick is lending VirtualAgility his expert advice on configuring solutions to critical intelligence and law enforcement challenges.

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